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# Configures a blank instance with everything we need to get a stack installed.
# This dep must be run as root.
# During this dep you will be asked for your SSH pub key to allow authentication
# as the user you specify during installation e.g deploy
dep('easylodge deployable') {
setup {
unmeetable! "This dep has to be run as root." unless shell('whoami') == 'root'
requires [
'testpilot:ruby dependencies',
'benhoskings:user setup for provisioning',
'testpilot:core dependencies',
'testpilot:build essential installed',
'benhoskings:core software',
'benhoskings:passwordless sudo'
dep('easylodge stack') {
setup {
unmeetable! "This dep cannot be run as root." if shell('whoami') == 'root'
requires 'testpilot:core dependencies',
'benhoskings:secured ssh logins',
'user can write to usr local',
'testpilot:sphinx installed'.with('0.9.9'),
'vhost enabled.nginx',
'prince xml installed',
provides []
dep('mysql-client.managed') {
provides ['mysql']
installs 'mysql-client'
dep('user can write to usr local') {
def user
shell 'whoami'
met? {
shell?("touch /usr/local/lib/touch-this") &&
shell?('rm /usr/local/lib/touch-this')
meet {
shell "chown -R #{user}:#{user} /usr/local/", :sudo => true