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+"Facebook connection failed.","Facebook登陆失败."
+"Your Facebook account has been successfully connected. Now you can fast login using Facebook Connect anytime.","你的Facebook账号已经连接成功.现在你可以使用Facebook账号任意时间登陆."
+"Service temporarily unavailable.","服务暂时不可用."
+"Email address is required.","Email地址是必填滴."
+"Thank you for registering with %s","感谢您的使用 %s"
+"You will receive welcome email with registration info in a moment.","呆会你会收到注册信息邮件."
+"Facebook profile can't provide all required info, please register and then connect with Facebook for fast login.","Facebook注册信息不全(必要的),请先登陆Facebook填写完整.然后再登陆."
+"Connect with Facebook","使用Facebook登陆"
+"Facebook Connect","Facebook连接"
+"Facebook Users","Facebook用户"
+"Use your Facebook account to login or register within our store. You're just one click away.","使用您的Facebook账号信息快速登陆我们的商店. 你需要点一下."
+"Facebook Connect Options","Facebook链接选项"
+"Application Api Key","应用Api Key"
+"Application Secret","应用隐私"

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