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=head1 TODO
W3C::SOAP tasks still to be done
=head1 TASKS
=over 4
=item Improve test coverage
Need many more tests to make sure everything is working as expected
=item Documentation
Some very basic documentation is done but much more work is needed.
=item Server creation
Helpers to create SOAP servers, Catalyst/Dancer/Mojolicious helpers.
=item WSDL meta data
Need a way to workout how to handle the WSDL method metadata. This is needed
for two reasons: 1. so WS-Security parameters can be handled and 2. so that
dynamic WSDL generation baised on the methods would be possible.
=over 4
=item Moose helper
Need to create a class that exports C<action> which is like Moose's C<has>
but creates action methods with extra info including the inputs & outputs.
The method object will inherit L<W3C::SOAP::WSDL::Meta::Method>
=item W3C::SOAP::WSDL::Meta::Method
A new class that overloads L<Moose::Meta::Mehtod> and adds 4 extra attributes
=over 4
=item *
input_class - The name of the input class
=item *
input_attribute - The name of the input attribute of that class
=item *
output_class - The name of the output class (if one exists)
=item *
output_attribute - The name of the attribute where the output will be found
=item *
security - Specifies the type of security the method requires.
=item Mock services helper
Helper to create mock responces based on requests (dependant on server
creation). Should be able to work in two different ways eg a recording
opperation so that a client sends requests which the mock server proxies to
the real server, stores the results against the request and sends back the
response. The other method is to look up the request to see if their already
is a responce and returns that (the true mock opperation).
=item WS-Security
Currently the Username part of the spec has some form of implementation but
their doesn't exist a way of auto generating this or other security forms
from the WSDL.
=item Dynamic WSDL & XSD creation
The code should be able to generate WSDL and XMLSchema document files based
on meta data in each.
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