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idx2numpy package provides a tool for converting files to and from IDX format to numpy.ndarray. You can meet files in IDX format, e.g. when you're going to read the MNIST database of handwritten digits provided by Yann LeCun.

The description of IDX format also can be found on this page.

Build Status


The easiest way to install is by using pip to pull it from PyPI:

pip install idx2numpy

You can also clone the Git repository from Github and install the package manually:

git clone
python install


import idx2numpy

# Reading
ndarr = idx2numpy.convert_from_file('myfile.idx')

f_read = open('myfile.idx', 'rb')
ndarr = idx2numpy.convert_from_file(f_read)

s =
ndarr = idx2numpy.convert_from_string(s)

# Writing    
idx2numpy.convert_to_file('myfile_copy.idx', ndarr)

f_write = open('myfile_copy2.idx', 'wb')
idx2numpy.convert_to_file(f_write, ndarr)

s = convert_to_string(ndarr)

Authors and Contributors

The project is started and maintained by Ivan Yurchenko ( The Contributors are:


MIT license (see LICENSE file)


Please, send me a feedback about the library, such as bugs, use cases etc.