Automatically convert comments in source code to English.
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Utility to automatically convert C++-style comments (//) in source code from any language to English.


It's pretty dumb at the moment, it will not translate multiline (/* */) comments, and it will translate consecutive comments line by line, not as a single whole.


  1. sudo pip install microsofttranslator

  2. Get your Client ID and Client Secret from Microsoft, read instructions at microsofttranslator's lib page ("Registering your application" part)

(Optional) Configure

Create ~/.transource.cfg with contents like this (it's in JSON format):

	"clientId": "your client id",
	"clientSecret": "your client secret"


If you've configured your ~/.transource.cfg at previous step, then just run:

transource <sourcefile> > <outputFile>

Or if not, pass your secret values as command-line options:

transource --cid <yourClientId> --secret <yourClientSecret> <sourcefile> > <outputFile>


For mass-translating of lots of files I use this (make sure you have backups of your files before running, of course):

find . -name '*.[hc]' -exec sh -c 'transource {} > {}.tmp && mv {}.tmp {}' \;