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@tmmocha tmmocha released this 06 Feb 14:05


  • aurora: update airport and area for cycle 2401 (#1493) 9a9ed69
  • aurora: update airway, VOR, NDB, and waypoint for cycle 2401, including airways connected to Bangkok FIR (#1492) 0f05842
  • aurora: add VFR waypoint for every airport (#1281) 824dfe3
  • aurora: add VFR route for VTUK, VTUQ, VTUV (#1477) 31d8ef5
  • scripts/aurora: add generate elevation script (#1482) ea5d474
  • aurora: add grid MORA to MRV Enroute (#1481) 3fa3b3e
  • VTUJ: remove airport (#1480) 6fe67da
  • aurora: update ATC frequency and transfer list (#1456) 0e00ed2
  • aurora/VTBS: remove close sign for SAT taxiway (#1442) 0ffef94
  • aurora/VTSF: update taxiway indicator (#1476) 54bff76
  • aurora: update SID/STAR following new IVAO TH standard (#1345) 8a54810
  • update AIRAC for cycle 2311 036ab31
  • aurora: add high airspace 0f07af1

Bug Fixes

  • aurora: fix missing Bangkok TMA shape (#1490) d0cbbfe
  • scripts/aurora: hide auto-generate script for danger, prohibited, and restricted area (#1489) ed17c39
  • aurora: update airspace source (#1488) 0ff4123
  • aurora: update grid MORA as a single object (#1487) dd23274