Learn how to install, configure and even contribute to hubot.
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Learn Hubot the Hard Way

Learn how to install, configure and even contribute to hubot.


Learn Hubot the Hard Way is an independently written book about hubot. I chose to write the book because I want to help more people and companies deploy and use hubot to automate mundane tasks and create a more relaxed and fun working environment.

I would also love to see many more people contribute scripts to the hubot scripts repository. Even maybe contribute to the core of hubot as well. So the late chapters of the book are dedicated to helping people learn how to write their own scripts and how the internals of hubot actually work.


1. Installing and Deploying Hubot

Learn how to install hubot locally or deploy to Heroku for free.

2. Hubot Adapters

Learn how to use hubot with another adapter such as IRC.

3. Introduction to Hubot Scripts

Learn what hubot scripts are and how to pick and choose the ones you want to use.

4. Writing Your First Hubot Script

Learn how to write your first hubot script and all the tools available to making your ideal scripts.

5. Using the HTTP Listener

Learn how to use the built in HTTP server in hubot to expose URLs that you can use as HTTP endpoints or serve HTML content.

6. Contributing Your Scripts

Learn how to contribute your hubot scripts directly back to hubot.

7. Real World Hubot

Learn how companies and people are using hubot to help run their companies.

8. Hubot Internals

Learn what makes hubot tick internally, you'll learn everything there is to know about how hubot works so you can help contribute features and fixes to the core.

Please note: the actually structure and content are subject to change until the first release of the book.

Where Do I Get the Book?

The source of the book will always be available for free in this repository. If you wish to purchase a copy of the ebook as a pdf or mobile format you can go purchase a copy from http://leanpub.com/learnhubotthehardway and you'll receive all future updates to the book as well for free.

You are free to distribute this book to anyone you want, so long as you do not charge anything for it, and it is not altered. You must give away the book in its entirety, or not at all.

Until the book is released you can register your interest and amount you would be willing to pay on the page. Please also tell your friends about the book.


Copyright © 2012 Tom Bell