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Let's meet!


Let's meet is next level iOS events manager utilizing the Ruler server and its services.
Let's meet allows you to add, edit and delete rules by which your phone will notify you for every single event you want based on predefined conditions on calendar, weather and location services.


============== ASP.NET Web API services built to give users "if conditions" in their lives. Server evaluates rules on condition basis and return action, which can be invoked in various clients. Typical usage - a person can put himself a reminder for an event if some conditions are true.

Conditions can be any comparison between two comparable values and are evaluated abstractly no matter how they are saved.

Example conditions can be: current day of week is Sunday, the weather outside is sunny, current location is Sofia, Bulgaria, etc.

If the conditions in a rule are true, the server sends push notification with corresponding action to all the clients, the user is currently logged in.

Example actions can be: send SMS message to a list of recipients, containing predefined text, publish on social network status update, call a friend, etc.
The Ruler Server solution contains the following projects:
  • Model - data layer for users, conditions, actions and rules
  • Data - repositories for all database tables
  • Executor - executes a custom condition and returns result based on three string properties:
    • Property (the property of the class to compare, example: "Age")
    • Operator (binary .NET operator or custom method, example: "GreaterThan")
    • Value (target value to compare, example: "10")
  • Services - contains available REST services to consume (detailed information in Documentation folder)

Currently the latest version of the Rules server is hosted at


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