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Sandbox for ideas to replace Wicket's WicketTester
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The Idea

This project tries to replace WicketTester with a better approach. The biggest problem with WicketTester is that most of the code tries to literally hack the request processing to emulate browser functions such as clicking a link or submitting a form.

By using htmlunit we can completely elimiate all these hacks and simplify WicketTester by delegating all the client-side emulation hacks to hmltunit where the actual javascript code would be executed. WicketTester would then become a simple bridge between the user's code and the htmlunit runtime.

As a bonus, we can also test Wicket's javascript, something that was difficult in the past.

What there is now

HtmlUnitTest which demonstrates that ajax links work


  • Test the extent of HtmlUnit's compatibility by testing more advanced Ajax usecases
  • See if its possible to improve performance
    • first test takes 1.7 seconds
      • com.gargoylesoftware.htmlunit.html.HTMLParser.parse takes 1.3 of those seconds


  • Remove the network - have a basic WicketTester like thing that can respond to URLs so all transfers are done in-memory to speed things up
    • Need to see how pluggable that side of html unit is, replacing their WebClient with our DirectLinkClient or something like that
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