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Dec 11, 2017

Awesome list of digital forensic tools Awesome

Collection of digital forensics tools for verification, investigations, diagnostics and so on. Composed from: Bellingcat's Digital Forensics Tools list, Forensics Wiki and assorted collections of forensic resources online.

All contributions welcome. Please propose changes using github issue or by direct writing pull request.

Table of contents / Содержание

Collections of tools

Satellite and mapping services

Geobased searches

Geobased search on:

Documents metadata

Images, videos and metadata

Image and videos tools

Photo/video metadata (EXIF and e.t.c.)


Social media

Multiple social networks

  • NacheChk. Same name check over dozens of social networks



  • Socilab, allows users to visualise and analyse your own LinkedIn network, 


  • Snap Map, a searchable map of geotagged snaps, via the mobile application, read here how.



Geobased searches

  • On Twitter, insert this is search box: geocode:[coordinates],[radius-km], for example: geocode:36.222285,43.998233,2km

  • Onemilliontweetmap, maps tweets per location up to 6hrs old, and has a keyword search option, 

  • Union Metrics, find the reach of tweets, 

Advanced Search Operators:

  • term1 term2 - tweets with both term1 and term2 in any order (e.g. twitter metrics)
  • term1 OR term2 - tweets with either term1 or term2 (e.g. analytics OR metrics)
  • “term1 term2” - tweets with the phrase “term1 term2” (e.g. "twitter metrics")
  • term1 -term2 - tweets with term1 but not term2 (e.g. twitter -facebook)
  • @username - tweets mentioning or RTing a specific user (e.g. @unionmetrics)
  • from:username - tweets from a specific Twitter user (e.g. from:unionmetrics)
  • since:YYYY-MM-DD - tweets after a specific date in UTC (e.g. since:2017-03-30)
  • until:YYYY-MM-DD - tweets before a specific date in UTC (e.g. until:2017-03-30)






  • France, full interactive map of the French railway system with live positions of trains, plus accuracy of schedule,
  • Germany, full interactive map of current positions of Deutsche Bahn railway network,  
  • Netherlands, full interactive map of the Dutch railway system, including live positions of trains, 


Date and time

Whois, IP lookups, website analysis

People search




  • Check for collaborative fact-checking, 

  • Link to user guide

  • Bellingcat’s Check team

  • Document Redaction, useful for removing potentially harmful content in Pdfs before viewing, like traceback,

  • Geo IP Tool, check your own IP, handy to check if your VPN is working,

  • Google Search Operators, such as searching for a specific filetype (e.g. PDF) or on a specific website, 

  • Insecam, network live IP video cameras directory, 

  • Knight Lab, make an interactive timeline of events, 

  • LittleSis, a database of who-knows-who at the heights of business and government,

  • Lumen, the Lumen database collects and analyses legal complaints and requests for removal of online materials, helping Internet users to know their rights and understand the law. These data enables us to study the prevalence of legal threats and let Internet users see the source of content removals, 

  • Maltego tool,

  • Montage for collaborative working,

  • OpenCorporates, database of companies in the world,         

  • People tracer, 

  • Research sidekick,

  • Visual Investigative Scenarios (VIS), a tool, 

  • Wolfram Alpha, for any question and a computer-generated answer, 

  • Zoopla, Search for property with the UK's leading resource. Browse houses and flats for sale and to rent, and find estate agents in any area, 

Guides and handbooks


  • Open guide called “Itrace” by Conflict Armament Research, lots of information on different kinds of munitions and weapons presented graphically on a map format, 

Data visualization

  •, web tools for beginners that introduce concepts of working with data, 
  • DataWrapper, easy to use chart and mapping tool, 
  • Google Fusion Tables,  
  • Maptia, 
  • Visual investigative scenarios, 
  • RAWGraphs, free webtool to quickly visualize your data,

Online security and privacy

Search engines which protect privacy

  • DuckDuckGo, Internet search engine, protecting privacy,
  • Qwant, Internet search engine, protecting privacy, 

List of sources per country



OSINT guides


  • Opposition media, see this excellent list compiled by Noor Nahas of multimedia sources from Syrian opposition groups,
  • Provinces of the so-called Islamic State,