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Favioli 🀯

Making the world a better place or something. Favioli adds emoji FavIcons for websites that lack one. This README is for Favioli contribution information. Read the Favioli introduction blog post for more information about why Favioli exists, or click the badges for your Chrome and Firefox downloads.

Download for Chrome Download for Firefox



dependencies status devDependencies status build status

Favioli should work with any recent Node.js version; I'm currently using v10.5.0 on Mac OS High Sierra for development. We run tests in Favioli with Jest. Run Jest tests with our test script.

# Install dependencies
npm install

# Run tests
npm test

# Alternatively, run just a piece of testing
npm run test:lint
npm run test:unit

# Start building for development
npm start

This will build our distribution code into /dist, each browser with its own directory. To load Favioli, point to each browser's respective directory. Google and Mozilla each have resources about developing for their respective platforms.

Load in Chrome Load in Firefox