IG Systems CS2 Software. This is just a host for the source of the min-cost flow solver developed by IG systems. Please refer to the homepage link and read the README below.
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CS2 is the second version of scaling algorithm for minimum-cost
flow problems. For more detailed description, see "An
Efficient Implementation of a Scaling Minimum-Cost Flow Algorithm" by
A.V. Goldberg, J. Algorithms, Vol. 22 (1997), pp. 1--29.

The program is designed to run under BSD UNIX.
The program reads from the standard input and writes to the standard
output. Edit makefile to set desirable compiler options.
Then run "make" to compile the program. Program name is "cs2".

The program can also me compiled under some versions of 
Microsoft Visual Studio using the following command line:
cl.exe /O2 /DWINDOWS_TIMER cs2.c

The program takes input in DIMACS format. The input is either a 
transportation or a minimum-cost circulation vertion of the minimum-cost
flow problem.

Parameters: If no parameters are given, default values are used.
There is one optional parameter, scale factor, which must be an integer.
The default value if SCALE_DEFAULT. Changing this parameter may
affect performance.

The "cs2" procedure computes an flow after parsing.

The "cs2_cost_restart" recomputes an optimal flow; it is designed for
use if costs changed after an optimal flow and the corresponding
price function has been found.

CS2 was developed by Andrew Goldberg (goldberg@intertrust.com) and
Boris Cherkassky (cher@cher.msk.su).

The program is available on "as is" basis. It is not guaranteed to
be free of bugs, and the authors assume no responsibility for any
potential problems. See COPYRIGHT.