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Baubles - My configuration files
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Baubles - My configuration files

This repository is a result of having gathered many trinkets to configure the terminal, now it contains my own configuration files.



There are a lot of dotfiles, a lot of castles, a little mess… Why don’t we create a one single castle with all of our dotfiles? For some people it can be a reasonable option, but, in general, having them organized has some advantages:

  • You can keep different configurations for the same application. A ssh at home and another at work.

  • You can keep public the dotfiles you would like to share with the community (vim) and private the ones you don’t want to (mutt).


First at all, clone it!

git clone ~/Config -b <branch-name>

If you are working with Linux, you should clone the linux branch:

git clone ~/Config -b linux

Note: For now I only support linux and mac.

Then, you can run install script.

$> chmod +x
$> ./

But if you prefer uninstall, then.

$> chmod +x
$> ./

Your dot files configuration is ready. So ... enjoy it!


While opening a *.go file.

Message: Exuberant ctags not found


  1. sudo apt-get install exuberant-ctags
  2. vim -c ':GoInstallBinaries

on Mac:

  1. brew install ctags-exuberant

Copyright and license

Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Iván Jaimes. See LICENSE for details.

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