Venmo integration for Slack. Pay co-workers easily!
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Building a Venmo Integration for Slack


This is a Venmo Slack integration leveraging Slack’s slash command. Within Slack you can easily pay your co-workers using a simple command. Currently, it supports the ability to pay using their Slack username.

###Slash Commands

Slash Commands are a great way to get started with Slack integrations. Anytime a user initiates a slash command (/slackmo), Slack merely POSTs the necessary data to your provided endpoint. A sample request can be seen here:


You endpoint must parse through this data and provide a JSON response to Slack, so that it can respond back to the user. In this app, we use user_name, user_id & command to make payments on the user’s behalf.

Please Note: This app requires additional consideration around security. Ideally, the user should authenticate with the app every time they attempt to make a payment. A user could spoof one another by making a POST request to my endpoint with another user’s username and pay himself. I think it defeats the purpose of a slash command if a user must authenticate each time, so I’d be curious to see if I’m missing something here.


Supports 3 commands:

  • /slackmo [@username] [$amount] [note] . For example, /slackmo @mauerbac $10 lunch!
  • /slackmo help
  • /slackmo [@username] add [phone #] - Used for adding a new co-worker

**You can request money by using a negative dollar amount. i.e $-10

Building the app

A first time user will be immediately prompted to Oauth with Venmo. A user must authenticate with Venmo so the app can make payments on their behalf. This token is saved in the app’s database for later use. A Slack username doesn’t necessarily map to a Venmo username, so I needed to create a mapping of Slack username to a Venmo identifying. In this app, I used the Slack username and Venmo phone number. If the receiver hasn’t used the app, you must supply their phone number using the /slackmo @will add [number] command.

The app has two endpoints: /main & /venmoauth, which can be seen in api/ Slack POSTs all slash command data to the main endpoint and Venmo uses the venmoauth endpoint in the OAuth process.


  1. Register a custom slack command.
  2. Register an App with Venmo here. Make note of Client ID & Client Secret.
  3. Supply Venmo Client ID, Client Secret and Slack Token in api/
  4. Deploy the application and provide Slack with your endpoint.
  5. Give it a try!

Next steps

  • Add support to refresh Venmo Auth tokens when expired.
  • Add better authentication to avoid co-worker spoofing.
  • Add additional commands.
  • Become an offical Slack Integration via the Slack Button.

Reach out to @mauerbac with questions/feedback. Thanks!