A Qlik Sense extension for making cross selling analysis using a Venn diagram without Set Analysis skills
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CrossSelling, a Qlik Sense Extension based on the Venn Analysis


Current version 1.3:

  • No elements number limit for the first dimension
  • Fast detection on errors
  • Working... message

This extension is very useful for a cross selling analysis. It's thought to identify sales oportunities in a very easy way.

For example, you can identify those customers that use to buy toothpaste and don't buy the toothbrush.

It does not need any set analysis, it works like that:

  • Drag 2 dimensions, tipically customers and products
  • And then select 3 products
  • The metric will be done inside the extension : ("How many customers buy any combination of those products")
  • If you want you can click on any number and the set of customers will be selected.

Ivan Felipe Asensio