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Getting Started


Installing on Windows

  1. Download the portable zip archive from here (64-bit) or here (32-bit)
  2. Unpack it anywhere you want
  3. The executables are in the bin directory
  4. You can add the bin directory to PATH for convenience

Installing on Arch Linux

Install the package from AUR using aurman:

aurman -S python-eas

Installing on other systems

Installing from PyPI

Install from PyPI using pip:

pip install eas

Installing from the website

  1. Download the python wheel from here
  2. Install it with pip:
pip install eas-0.7.2-py3-none-any.whl


Interactive configuration

To interactively edit the configuration, run

eas configure

Using the above command you can also change the master password and the encryption key.

It is recommended for you to take a look at :ref:`concepts`, as well as --help:

eas --help

Manual configuration

The configuration file is located at ~/.eas/eas.conf.

You can generate a sample configuration by running

eas make-config ~/.eas/eas.conf

See :ref:`configuration`.

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