Modular chatbot framework designed for group chat rooms on Facebook
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Botyo is a modular bot designed for group chat rooms on Facebook. It is designed with flexibility and modularity in mind.


  • Node.js >= 8.3.0


npm install --save botyo


Documentation for Botyo is available here:

Quick Start

Please explore the Botyo Example Project to jump start your project.


Want to see your module for Botyo here? Please refer to the Botyo API for documentation on how to develop modules for Botyo. Then submit a PR with a link to your module to have it included in this list.


Bundles are collections of multiple modules.


Commands are modules that handle commands that users can send to the bot. Commands must begin with a prefix that can be configured globally, or on a per-chat-thread or per-user basis.

  • Ping Command - sends a ping in a private message to a specific person, or makes the bot respond to the ping sent by the participants of a chat thread

  • Quote Command - uses Markov chains to generate quotes based on messages sent by the participants of a chat thread

  • Reverse Image Search Command - runs a reverse image search on the last uploaded picture and posts links to the results from Google Images, Bing Images, and TinEye

  • ShowMe Command - returns the first few images found in Google Images matching a query

  • Spotify Command - posts a Spotify song to the chat

  • YouTube Command - posts a YouTube video to the chat


Filters are modules that manipulate or filter out messages as they arrive.

Scheduled Tasks

A scheduled task is module that defines a task that is executed periodically or upon the start of the bot.