Wallhaven API for PHP - Search, filter and download wallpapers
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Wallhaven API for PHP


A PHP library for Wallhaven that allows you to search for wallpapers and get information about them in convenient OOP syntax. Additionally, this library provides the ability to download individual wallpapers, or batch download many wallpapers asynchronously which considerably reduces download times.


  • PHP 5.4 or newer
  • Composer


Create a composer.json file in your project root:

    "require": {
        "ivkos/wallhaven": "2.*"

Run php composer.phar install to download the library and its dependencies.

Quick Documentation

Add this line to include Composer packages:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

Initialize Wallhaven:

use Wallhaven\Category;
use Wallhaven\Order;
use Wallhaven\Purity;
use Wallhaven\Sorting;
use Wallhaven\Wallhaven;

$wh = new Wallhaven();

If you have an account on Wallhaven, you can use it to login and access all available wallpapers:

$wh = new Wallhaven('YOUR_USERNAME', 'YOUR_PASSWORD');


You can search for wallpapers and filter them using the Wallhaven::filter() method. It returns a Filter object that acts as a fluent interface with the following methods:

  • keywords() – Search query or #tagname, for example:
    • "landscape"
    • "#cars"
  • categories() – Category, or multiple categories as a bit field. For example:
    • Category::PEOPLE
    • Category::GENERAL | Category::PEOPLE
    • Category::ALL (default) - shorthand for Category::GENERAL | Category::ANIME | Category::PEOPLE
  • purity() – Purity, or multiple purities as a bit field. For example:
    • Purity::SFW (default)
    • Purity::SFW | Purity::SKETCHY
    • Purity::ALL - shorthand for Purity::SFW | Purity::SKETCHY | Purity::NSFW
  • sorting() – Sorting. Can be one of the following:
    • Sorting::RELEVANCE (default)
    • Sorting::RANDOM
    • Sorting::DATE_ADDED
    • Sorting::VIEWS
    • Sorting::FAVORITES
  • order() – Order of results. Can be one of the following:
    • Order::DESC (default)
    • Order::ASC
  • resolutions() – Resolutions. Should be an array of strings in the format of WxH, for example:
    • ["1920x1080"]
    • ["1280x720", "2560x1440"]
  • ratios() – Ratios. Should be an array of strings in the format of WxH, for example:
    • ["9x16"]
    • ["16x9", "4x3"]
  • pages()– Number of pages to fetch from Wallhaven. A single page typically consists of 24, 32 or 64 wallpapers.
  • getWallpapers() – Execute the search with the specified filters.


$wallpapers = $wh->filter()
	->resolutions(["1920x1080", "2560x1440"])
$wallpapers = $wh->filter()

Returns a WallpaperList object containing Wallpaper objects that match the criteria above.

The WallpaperList object can be accessed like an array, iterated over using foreach, and has a WallpaperList::count() method:

// Get favorites count for the first wallpaper in the list

// Print resolutions of all wallpapers in the list
foreach ($wallpapers as $w) {
	echo $w->getResolution() . PHP_EOL;

// Get the number of wallpapers in the list
echo "There are " . $wallpapers->count() . " wallpapers!" . PHP_EOL;

Wallpaper Information

The Wallpaper object has a number of methods that provide information about the wallpaper:

  • getId()
  • getTags()
  • getPurity()
  • getResolution()
  • getSize()
  • getCategory()
  • getViews()
  • getFavorites()
  • getFeaturedBy() - not accessible if not logged in
  • getFeaturedDate() - not accessible if not logged in
  • getUploadedBy()
  • getUploadedDate()
  • getImageUrl()
  • getThumbnailUrl()

You can get information about a single wallpaper if you know its ID:

$w = $wh->wallpaper(198320);

$w->getTags();  // ["cats", "closeups"]
$w->getViews(); // int(3500)

You can also get information about wallpapers from a search result:

$wallpapers = $wh->filter()->keywords(...)->getWallpapers();

$wallpapers[0]->getId();        // int(103929)
$wallpapers[0]->getFavorites(); // int(367)


To download a single wallpaper to a specific directory:


To batch download wallpapers from a search result:

$wallpapers = $wh->filter()->keywords(...)->getWallpapers();

You can also create a WallpaperList, add specific wallpapers to it, and then batch download them, like so:

use Wallhaven\Wallhaven;
use Wallhaven\WallpaperList;

$wh = new Wallhaven();
$batch = new WallpaperList();
$batch[] = $wh->wallpaper(198320);
$batch[] = $wh->wallpaper(103929);


For more information, please refer to the source code and the PHPDoc blocks.