@ivmai ivmai released this Aug 12, 2018 · 1258 commits to master since this release

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  • Add cpu, make_as_lib, nothreads options to NT_MAKEFILE
  • Add NetBSD/aarch64 and initial RISC-V support
  • Adjust formatting of configure help messages and config.h comments
  • Avoid multiple 'getcontext failed' warnings if getcontext is broken
  • Cleanup BCC Makefile (remove absolute GC paths, fix del cmd, update clean)
  • Collapse multiple NT_*_MAKEFILE scripts into a single NT_MAKEFILE
  • Do not call GC_dirty_inner unless GC_incremental
  • Do not use NULL in gc_inline.h
  • Eliminate 'cast between incompatible function types' compiler warning
  • Eliminate 'comparing signed and unsigned values' compiler warnings (bcc)
  • Eliminate 'condition is always true' cppcheck warning in init_gcj_malloc
  • Eliminate 'declaration of var hides global declaration' compiler warning
  • Eliminate 'language extension used' Clang warning in gc.h
  • Eliminate 'possibly incorrect assignment in CORD_vsprintf' compiler warning
  • Eliminate 'ptr arithmetic with NULL' cppcheck warning in alloc_mark_stack
  • Eliminate 'scope of var can be reduced' cppcheck warning in pthread_join
  • Eliminate 'switch statement contains no case label' compiler warning
  • Eliminate 'variable might be uninitialized' warning in win32_start_inner
  • Eliminate duplicate clear_mark_bit call when removing disappearing link
  • Fast fail on invalid CPU parameter passed to NT_MAKEFILE
  • Fix 'collecting from unknown thread' abort in leak-finding mode
  • Fix 'pointer arithmetic with NULL' code defect in print_callers
  • Fix Borland version in documentation to match that in BCC_MAKEFILE
  • Fix comment about inv_sz computation in setup_header
  • Fix comments style in configure.ac and Makefile.am
  • Fix compilation by digimars.mak (DMC)
  • Fix compilation by WCC makefile
  • Fix compilation of darwin_stop_world for iOS 8+
  • Fix cords for MANUAL_VDB
  • Fix dependency on gc_cpp source in BCC_MAKEFILE and NT_MAKEFILE
  • Fix GC_is_valid_displacement and GC_is_visible for non-small objects
  • Fix gctest in leak-finding mode
  • Fix infinite restarting of mark_some when a static root disappeared (Linux)
  • Fix large object base computation in PUSH_CONTENTS() if MARK_BIT_PER_OBJ
  • Fix mark stack overflow checking in push_selected
  • Fix missing GC_dirty calls for GC-allocated objects used internally
  • Fix missing GC_dirty invocation from debug_end_stubborn_change
  • Fix MSWIN32 macro redefinition (WCC)
  • Fix multi-threaded gctest for the case of NTHREADS is set to zero
  • Fix new and delete operators definition for DigitalMars compiler
  • Fix NT_MAKEFILE for VS 2017
  • Fix potential null dereference in GC_CONS
  • Fix register_dynamic_libraries on Windows 10
  • Fix result computation in n_set_marks
  • Fix return type in GC_set_warn_proc API documentation
  • Fix tests for GC compiled with MANUAL_VDB
  • Fix the build for Emscripten
  • Fix typo in comment for CORD_ec_flush_buf prototype
  • Fix typos in ChangeLog and generic_malloc
  • Fix UNTESTED for multi-threaded API functions in gctest
  • Fix VirtualQuery call in case of malloc failure (Win32)
  • Install gc.3 man page instead of copying gc.man to doc folder (configure)
  • Keep pointer to the start of previous entry in remove_specific_after_fork
  • Move de_win compiled resource files to cord/tests
  • Never return null by C++ GC allocators and gc_cpp operator new
  • Perform thread_suspend in loop as it may be interrupted (Darwin)
  • Really abort if failed to read /proc for library registration (Linux)
  • Remove code duplication in gcj_malloc and malloc_explicitly_typed
  • Remove duplicate local variable in reclaim_block
  • Remove information how to send bugs from README.cords file
  • Remove libatomic_ops license information
  • Remove unused USE_GENERIC macro definition and description
  • Suppress 'functions containing switch are not expanded inline' bcc warning
  • Suppress 'non-member operator new/delete may not be inline' VC++ warning
  • Turn on incremental collection in gctest also if MANUAL_VDB
  • Update copyright information in alloc.c, gc.c/h and the documentation
  • Update EXTRA_DIST in Makefile, Win32/64 docs after NT_*_MAKEFILE removal
  • Update NT_MAKEFILE usage information in README files for Win32 and Win64
  • Workaround 'class C does not have a copy constructor' cppcheck warning
  • Workaround 'function nested_sp is never used' cppcheck style warning
  • Workaround 'opposite expression on both sides of &' cppcheck style warning
  • Workaround 'template-id not supported in this context' compiler error (WCC)

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