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# Copyright (c) 2003-2005 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
# The really trivial win32/VC++ Makefile. Note that atomic_ops.c isn't useful.
# And we rely on a pre-built test_atomic_include.h and generalize-small.h,
# since we can't rely on sed. But we don't keep test_atomic_include.h in
# the development repository any longer, so if you want to do "make check"
# for the sources obtained from the repository then
# do "autoreconf -vif; ./configure; make check" in Cygwin first.
# Win32 clients only need to include the header files.
# To install, copy atomic_ops.h and the atomic_ops/... tree to your favorite
# include directory.
#!include <ntwin32.mak>
LIB_OBJS=atomic_ops_stack.obj atomic_ops_malloc.obj
all: libatomic_ops_gpl.lib
cl -W3 -O2 -c -DAO_ASSUME_WINDOWS98 atomic_ops_stack.c
cl -W3 -O2 -c -DAO_ASSUME_WINDOWS98 atomic_ops_malloc.c
test_atomic: ..\tests\test_atomic.c ..\tests\test_atomic_include.h
cl -W3 -O2 -I. -DAO_ASSUME_WINDOWS98 ..\tests\test_atomic.c \
test_atomic_w95: ..\tests\test_atomic.c ..\tests\test_atomic_include.h
cl -W3 -O2 -I. ..\tests\test_atomic.c /Fo.\test_atomic_w95
test_malloc: ..\tests\test_malloc.c ..\tests\test_atomic_include.h \
cl -W3 -O2 -DAO_ASSUME_WINDOWS98 -I. ..\tests\test_malloc.c \
/Fo.\test_malloc libatomic_ops_gpl.lib
libatomic_ops_gpl.lib: $(LIB_OBJS)
lib /MACHINE:i386 /out:libatomic_ops_gpl.lib $(LIB_OBJS)
check: test_atomic test_atomic_w95 test_malloc
echo The following will print lots of \"Missing ...\" messages.
echo The following will print some \"Missing ...\" messages.
del *.exe *.obj libatomic_ops_gpl.lib
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