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Ensure normalized text line encodings in repo.

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ivmai committed Aug 4, 2011
1 parent b892f12 commit b18a6a14cd6df064d50f75fa4c73a11be256b072
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+# Git repo attributes.
+# Ensure all text files have normalized (LF) line endings in the repository.
+* text=auto
+# Note: "core.eol" configuration variable controls which line endings to use
+# for the normalized files in the working directory (the default is native).
@@ -1,11 +1,8 @@
TODO tasks
-Add .gitattribute file. Set crlf property. I think we should consistently
-use LF across the project (including Makefile.msft) and checkout files as-is.
Drop all contents of ChangeLog in favor of Git commit annotation model.
-My opinion is that ChangeLog should be updated only on offical releases and
+My opinion is that ChangeLog should be updated only on official releases and
contain only major changes.
FIXME: make check (test_stack) fails on Linux/x86 with GCC v4.6.1.

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