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An Orthanc plugin to preview DICOM series and instances using dwv, a pure HTML5/JavaScript DICOM Web Viewer.

Released under GNU GPL license (see license.txt).

Build Status

Build instructions

In order to build this project, you need: python, CMake and a C++ compiler. Check out the build steps from the travis file and the build log. The test build are generated using python 2.7, CMake 3.2 and gcc 4.8. The targeted version of Orthanc can be set from CMake, tested version go from 1.0 to 1.3.

The result is the DwvOrthancPlugin shared library.

Orthanc configuration

Just add the path to the DwvOrthancPlugin shared library in the "Plugins" section of your Orthanc configuration file.


Launch Orthanc with the modified configuration file as input (for example Orthanc ./Configuration.json) and browse to the Orthanc explorer (default at http://localhost:8042/app/explorer.html#). At instance and series level, a preview button allows to launch dwv.

As a check if things go west, DWV should be availalble from http://localhost:8042/dwv-plugin/dwv/viewers/mobile/index.html.

Note: the current configuration launches a new page to visualise the data and needs to have the pop-up blockers disabled for the Orthanc pages. This can be changed in the replace.js file by modifying the target of the created form.