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pbHARMONY helps teachers engage students in learning and using project management in the classroom and beyond. Site utilizes an express server on the backend serving up an API to manipulate a Mongo database. Frontend is built with React and styled with a set of stateless Bulma components called Bloomer.


  • Project Management is an essential skill
  • Most students are not explicitly taught
  • Many teachers lack experience teaching project management

Project Management is an essential skill for students to be successful in the classroom. Most students enter Middle School without a solid foundation in Project Management yet they are expected to have all the necessary skills. This is exacerbated by a lot of teachers also not having a solid foundation in the skills necessary to successfully plan and execute a project.

Linked Project

This project is linked to another project named scrum-03. scrum-03 includes all of the front end code as well as the user authentication logic linked with Firebase. scrum-server hosts an express server with an api for a MongoDB for the project.

Tech Used

  • Express
  • Bluebird
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose