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Generate readable html docs from WSDLs. Fork which adds descriptions/comments support among othe little things
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This project is a fork of (started after closed PR:

This fork might be useful for you if you use JAX-WS as it autoincludes descriptions in generated html based on your javadoc classes. If you include the comments directly in the WSDL this approach is not useful for you.

Besides it has some minor changes:

  • Methods are ordered alphabetically so that order does not change each time you use wsdl2html.
  • Template style changes using width better.
  • Removed "require" field as it's not autogenerated. I don't want to change the html manually at all, everything needs to be in the code.


Converts WSDLs to html documents which are readable by everybody.

Online version:



Check the full html here.

How to run

Run online

Run online if your WSDL has been hosted on a public site. Do it here:

Run as a command line tool

mvn package 
cd target 
unzip target/ -d /path/to/your/dir

# Go to the direction of extraction and you will see an executable file. Run it like, 

./ http://.../some?wsdl /path/to/your/html/directory  # or wsdl2html.bat for windows

Run it inside your application

In your pom.xml, add the following:


//if you call this method in your code, make sure the jdk version you used to run your code is 
// no lower than that of the jdk used by your "wsimport" to run in shell

String html = org.jaxws.wsdl2html.service.Wsdl2Html.generateHtml(wsdlUrl); 
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