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Simple Cone Search

This specification defines a simple query protocol, named Simple Cone Search, for retrieving records from a catalog of astronomical sources. The query describes a sky position and an angular distance, defining a cone on the sky. The response returns a list of astronomical sources from the catalog whose positions lie within the cone, formatted as a VOTable.

The current version aims essentially at aligning this specification with the Data Access Layer (DAL) landscape at the time of writing.

It also currently includes addition of a feature to allow for filtering in a specific time window.

Keep in mind to use the --recurse-submodules option when cloning the repository.

Document Status

Working Document

This specification is currently under revision to reach version 1.1.

A PDF preview of the document is automatically generated by a GitHub workflow and available here or clicking on the badge on top.

Latest Stable

The current IVOA Recommendation is: REC-1.03.

The release available in this repo tagged with the same version number is a re-styled document that keeps the same content and was prepared while porting the HTML version to a LaTeX one in view of a minor revision. The originating HTML is available from the official IVOA Document Repository.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.