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The Simple Image Access protocol (SIA) provides capabilities for the discovery, description, access, and retrieval of multi-dimensional image datasets, including 2-D images as well as datacubes of three or more dimensions.


The last stable version is REC-2.0.

SIA 2.0 ported to github

  • SIA 2.0 became an IVOA recommendation on december the 23rd 2015
  • Original source was an OpenOffice file
  • Here can be found the result of porting this specification to GitHub
  • Some changes in lay out of the document
    • "Status of the document" section is automatically generated by ivoatex process
    • Tables have a different rendering than in the original version
    • References are using the "\citep" flavor. They are generally quoted only once, with a few exceptions when it is ambiguous. Original version used the "[n]" notation for each occurence of the publication to be quoted in the text.
    • This porting has been made to allow authors to propose PR for identified errata and propose changes towards version 2.1

Want to contribute?

  1. Raise a GitHub Issue on this repository

  2. Fork this repository (eventually clone it on your machine if you want to)

  3. Create a branch in your forked repository ; this branch should be named after the issue(s) to fix (for instance: issue-7-add-license)

  4. Commit suggested changes inside this branch

  5. Create a Pull Request on the official repository (note: a git push is needed first, if you are working on a clone)

  6. Wait for someone to review your Pull Request and accept it

This process has been described and demonstrated during the IVOA Interoperability Meeting of Oct. 2019 in Groningen ; see slides)


Creative Commons License
The IVOA Architecture document is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.