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Superlean Silex Starterplate

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This project is supposed to be a lean starterkit for your Silex app.
Its superlean, so basically only essential things are included.

If you need full power try:

It aims mainly at simple applications that need routing and just some additional logic.
F.e. its a good container for javascript driven apps that get their data through API calls.

It provides:

  1. Web infrastructure
  1. REST Api infrastructure
  2. Console infrastructure
  3. Misc


Via composer create-project

composer create-project -s dev ivoba/superleansilexplate PATH/TO/YOUR/APP 2.*

If you want to base your app on this starter i recommend to do the following after create-project.

  • remove .git and init your own git (you should be prompted for this by composer already)
  • remove composer.lock from .gitignore, so you can store your dependency lock
  • you might want to replace the namespace from "Superleansilexplate" to something more custom


  • bower, composer will call bower install


Api and web are designed to run on their own resp. subdomains with their resp starting point in /web. If you want to only have one starting point copy this to web.php:

$api = require __DIR__ . '/Controller/api.php';
$app->mount('/api', $api);


In dev environment we use dotenv for configuration, so you can use a .env file in the project root to mimic Env vars.


Start hacking in resources/views/*.twig


Start hacking in src/Controllers/*.php


Add provider in src/app.php

Cli Commands

Create cli commands in src/Command and
register them in src/cli.php


Run it with the php integrated webserver:
or create a apache / nginx vhost.

Run Web

 php console server:run
 # in prod env
 php console server:run -e prod

and open

Run Api

 php console server:run -i api

and open

Run Cli

SILEX_ENV=dev php -d variables_order=EGPCS console silex:hello-world
# for cache clear
php console cache:clear




Superleansilexplate is heroku ready.

Because we utilize bower, you will need to run multipacks while creating your heroku app:

heroku create --buildpack

Then just initialize your heroku app as stated in the docs and push it:

git push heroku master


A docker setup for apache with php7 is provided.

For using docker in dev environments run docker-compose and check on http://localhost:8088:

docker-compose up

For a production build run:

docker build -t superleansilexplate -f docker/apache-php7-prod/Dockerfile . docker run -it --rm -p 8088:80 --env SILEX_ENV=prod --name run-superleansilexplate superleansilexplate


  • yeoman setup with grunt/gulp usage
  • scrutinizr