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Small project to play around with ClassLoaders. I want to know more about this subject so...

Started with copying the URLClassLoader and now it's time to play...


I'm making the classes as I go by calling them FirstTry / SeccondTry / etc. These will all have a main with a specific test and posibly a specific setup.

Always read the Class JavaDoc to see what has to be done to get it to work.


Just illustrates the workings of a ClassLoader


Illustrates the workings of the Classloader with a parent Classloader.


Illustrates the workings of two completely separate Classloaders. One classloader without parent and therefore without delegation

Todo / Whishes

  • Write my own classloader from scratch
  • Learn more about*
  • How to direct Parent first / Parent last
  • Retrieving bytecode over a network and running it locally by using my own classloader(s).


If you have more ideas on what to try please contact me here:

Some links

One can get a realy good document here about classloaders at the link below but you have to register first.

A video about classloaders can be found here: