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see also here: Developers anonymous

YouTube Demo

In this version I will try to show the changes step by step.

Step 0:

git checkout master

This step is the origional code. This code is the code to be refactored.

Step 1:

git checkout step_1

This step handles moving of a major part of the responsibility of the processing to the correct place.

Ask yourself the question. Who is responsible for the updateQuality method actions?

Step 2:

git checkout step_2

Polymorphism baby! "One name to rule them all..."

Step 3:

git checkout step_3

Wrap primitives... "Tell don't ask!"

Step 4:

git checkout step_4

Look at me being beautiful code :-)

Step 5:

git checkout step_5

Went a bit overboard and eliminated the name property also.

Step 6:

git checkout step_6

We still had some "Feature Envy" by exposing the SellIn and Quality class by getter methods.