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CDI-property injector

CDI Config module that allows you to inject property files values directly into your Java classes.

Exemplary usage

By adding the product of this project (a regular *.jar file) into your WEB-INF/lib directory, you can use following syntax for injecting property files entries into your Java code:

public MyClass {

    Double myDoubleProp;

It will scan all *.properties files directly in your classpath root directory and look for a property with key: keyValue.

Required dependency

You can specify that the property must be defined in order to satisfy the dependency using required attribute (true by default):

@Property(value="keyValue", required=false)
String urlPath;

Default property key

If you won't specify the property key, it will try to find a key which is a fully qualified field name. If this doesn't work out - it fallback to the injected field name. E.g. for such definition:

package nl.ivonet;

public MyClass {

    String myName;

it will try to find property with nl.ivonet.MyClass.myName key. If it won't be found, it'll try with myName. If this also fails - because of default required=true, it will throw an unmet CDI dependency exception.


This module was written in Java SE 6+ and uses its features, so it's required to work on or using it. It also uses Maven 3 and TestNG with Arquillian for unit and integration tests purpose.


This code is trongly based on the code from I should have forked it from his repo but, I didn't know that then :-)