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i3 wm configuration files
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check for dock on session startup

since it does not trigger when booting with dock plugged in
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Arkadiusz Hiler authored

My very own i3 Configuration



  • i3 - window manager
  • i3status - status bar
  • feh - setting bg, also nice image viewer
  • urxvt - terminal emulator
  • unclutter - autohide mouse cursor
  • udiskie - device automounting
  • dunst - notifications
  • pulseaudio - audio managment
  • autocutsel - clipboard synchroniation
  • dmenu - Super-P launcher
  • pavucontrol - pulseaudio mixer
  • alsamixer ### from xorg
  • setxkbmap - setting keyboard layout
  • xmodmap - custom key changes


It's as simple as that:

git clone .i3
ln -s .i3/xinitrc .xinitrc
ln -s .i3/gtkrc-2.0 .gtkrc-2.0
ln -f $PWD/gtk-3.0-settings ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini

Additional Features

Udev folder contains udev rules and executables to be put under /opt

The rule makes use of and handles docking and undocking of Thinkpad's minidock.

touch ~/.thinkpad_dock to enable.


  • Super-Shift-c - close current windows
  • Super-Shift-Enter - open terminal
  • Super - drag floating windows
  • Super-t - toggle floating mode
  • Super-f - fullscreen
  • Super-r - resize mode
  • Super-d - parent container - dad
  • Super-b - child container - baby

Check config for more.

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