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ZSH configuration files

My zsh configuration files. Should be reusable.


I am using less as a pager and neovim as default editor.


Just clone to .config/zsh/ and link ~/.zshrc to ~/.config/zsh/zshrc (or to your #XDG_CONFIG_HOME, it works from anywhere).

Do not forget to change your default shell via chsh.

Own / per host configuration

Want to override some configuration and still want updates? Put it in ~/.zsh/custom. It won't be overwritten.

What is done?


  • vi mode (cursor changes color basing on a mode you are in)
  • ^p ^n for history navigation
  • ^f to eddit current line in text editor


  • nice and sleek
  • has git branch && stage status

Usable functions

  • zmv enabled
  • lspath - show ls -ld for all dirs on path to given file
  • few aliases (see aliases.zsh), e.g.:
    • l is ls -lFh
    • la is l -A
    • e, vi, vim are nvim

Tother Features

  • ETIME variable contains execution time of last command in seconds.
  • TAB completion, first pus shows possibilities, next pushes cycles through them
  • Autocorrection - type vim and shell will prompt you about correction, also works with tab-ing dirs.
  • ~/bin is added to your PATH
  • cd ... as ../.. and cd .... as ../../.. (actually ... is a global alias, it not limited only to cd, try it with ls).
  • RVM support
  • rbenv support
  • fzf support