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Crobots Java Tournament Manager

Multi-platform Client Java for setup and running of a Crobots's tournament. It handles MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle databases.

Usage: java -jar Crobots.jar -h hostname -u username -p password -f file -P path -c script -T robot -2 -4 -S -C -t -q -?

  • OS Type : It shows the current O.S.. Default's UNIX for all not-Windows systems.
  • path delimitator : "/" default (UNIX). "" for Windows systems.
  • -h MySQL server Hostname or IP. "localhost" is the default.
  • -f fileinput : Robot's list file. "torneo.dat" is the default.
  • -c cmd script : Script batch that manages Crobots and Count. Default is "" (UNIX), "crobots.bat" for Windows.
  • -u username : Username of db. Default is "crobots".
  • -p password : Password of db. Default is "" (empty).
  • -P path : Source robots path. Default is "torneo".
  • -K : Handles the presence of 'Crobots.stop' file for stopping the tournament.
  • -t : Tests only the connection (the tournament won't run).
  • -2 : Runs the F2F only.
  • -3 : Runs the 3VS3 only.
  • -4 : Runs the 4VS4 only.
  • -S : Loads the database temporary tables. It inhibits the tournament's run.
  • -C : Cleans the database temporary tables. It inhibits the tournament's run.
  • -T robot : Configures the database temporary tables for a specified robot. Default is "false" (robot's name default is "test").
  • -q : Default is "false". Suppress info messages.


  • JRE 1.7 or above.
  • Only for server side purposes MySQL 5.0.x, MS SQL 2008+, Oracle 11+


  • If the database is present run the correct SQL script, according to your database vendor.
  • Configure (if necessary) all paths into script and/or crobots.bat
  • Customize the the configuration file 'Crobots_conf.xml'. Configuration parameters could be overwritten by the command line options
  • Copy and execute 'Crobots.jar' via command line java 'java -jar Crobots.jar'


  • Requires Crobots and Count (v.8.3 or above) executables.
  • Using Crobots Java such as remote client only, it is not necessary to install any database locally.
  • Switches -T and -C forces the setup (-S).
  • Switches -2 or -4 may be used with -S, -C or -T, for configuring F2F or 4vs4 only.
  • For security reasons, the setup's options are allowed only for MySQL db user 'root'
  • On Windows systems it is not possibile to run more then one java Crobots client using the same batch script (crobots.bat), because of temporary log file and results corruption. To avoid this problem, create multiple batch scripts which use different log files. NOTE: With the multithreading support you don't need anymore to launch more java Crobots instances.
  • Robots list must have the robot filename without path nor ".r" nor ".ro" extension informations.
  • Customize the .sh and .bat batch scripts if needed. You may use your own executable binaries path.
  • Please don't touch any command line parameter of the batch scripts. You may cause an incorrect client's behavior.

Release notes

  • v.4.66 : Latest stable version (check the GitHub repository)
  • v.4.00~4.65 : A complete refactoring. Due to its poor performarce and huge overhead, the HTTP support is now obsolete (and deprecated).
  • v.3.00 : Extended JConfig xml configuration file support. Multithreading support improved.
  • v.2.00 : Multithreading support. Configuration options can be set by the Crobots_conf.xml file.
  • v.1.00 : First stable complete version: improvements of PHP backend PHP with the concurrent management using transactions. Optionally store procedures can be used
  • v.0.99 : HTTP error handling improvement
  • v.0.97 : Add retry management (at least 3 attempts) on HTTP connection
  • v.0.96 : Add new management of shell's process
  • v.0.95 : Add tournament's parameters management (f2f and 4vs4) via MySQL. Suppression of -m -n params
  • v.0.94 : Add tournament's parameters management (f2f and 4vs4) via HTTP.
  • v.0.93 : Minor optimization and code cleaning
  • v.0.92 : Bug fixing
  • v.0.90 : Add client's version test through the web server
  • v.0.80 : Add MD5 checksum
  • v.0.70 : Add status control of match's sequence
  • v.0.60 : Add logging info through log4j
  • v.0.57 : Bug fix : Incorrect behavior when a single match remains on temporary table fixed.
  • v.0.56 : Bug fix : Suppression of a Java error (noise only, not tournament running compromising).
  • v.0.55 : PHP db MySQL authentification changed. MySQL user is now unique; for any connection it uses 'users' table and 'status' field.
  • v.0.54 : Bug fix of clean option (-C).
  • v.0.51 : HTTP mode. 'kill file' (-K option). Minor bug fix and '-g' option deleted. Performance improvement.
  • v.0.42 : First (more or less) stable release, with a full MySQL support.