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Quick THEME howto for SLiM
Some basic information regarding the slim theme format.
Read this file if you plan to make some theme for
the program, and of course have a look at the included themes
A SLiM theme essentially consists of:
- a background image (background.png or background.jpg)
- a panel image (panel.png or panel.jpg)
- input box(es) and messages and their placement
and properties (slim.theme)
The panel and background images can be a PNG or JPEG file.
The panel is blended into the background image,
taking care of alpha transparency.
- fonts: use the xft font specs, ie: Verdana:size=16:bold
- colors: use html hex format, ie #0066CC
- positions: can be either absolute in pixels, ie 350
or relative to the container, ie 50% is in the middle
of the screen.
The following is an example slim.theme file
# Color, font, position for the messages (ie: shutting down)
msg_color #FFFFFF
msg_font Verdana:size=16:bold
msg_x 50%
msg_y 30
# Color, font, position for the session list
session_color #FFFFFF
session_font Verdana:size=16:bold
session_x 50%
session_y 90%
# style of background: 'stretch', 'tile', 'center', 'color'
background_style stretch
background_color #FF0033
# Horizonatal and vertical position for the panel.
input_panel_x 50%
input_panel_y 40%
# input controls horizontal and vertical positions.
# IMPORTANT! set input_pass_x and input_pass_y to -1
# to use a single input box for username/password (GDM Style).
# Note that this fields only accept absolute values.
input_name_x 40
input_name_y 100
input_pass_x 40
input_pass_y 120
# Input controls font and color
input_font Verdana:size=12
input_color #000000
# Welcome message position. (relative to the panel)
# use -1 for both values or comment the options to disable
# the welcome message
welcome_x 50%
welcome_y 38
# Font and color for the welcome message
welcome_font Verdana:size=16:bold:slant=italic
welcome_color #d7dde8
# 'Enter username' font and foreground/background color
username_font Verdana:size=12
username_color #d7dde8
# 'Enter username' and 'Enter password' position (relative to the panel)
# use -1 for both values to disable the message
# note that in case of single inputbox the password values are ignored.
username_x 50%
username_y 146
password_x 50%
password_y 146
# The message to be displayed. Leave blank if no message
# is needed (ie, when already present in the panel image)
username_msg Please enter your username
password_msg Please enter your password
The 'msg', 'input', 'welcome', 'session' and 'username' sections
support shadows; three values can be configured:
- color: the shadow color
- x offset: the offset in x direction, relative to the normal text
- y offset: the offset in y direction, relative to the normal text
So to add a text shadow to the welcome message, add the following
to slim.conf:
welcome_shadow_xoffset -2
welcome_shadow_yoffset 2
welcome_shadow_color #ff0000
The other keys are analogue:
# for username and password label
username_shadow_xoffset 2
username_shadow_yoffset -2
username_shadow_color #ff0000
# for the input fields
input_shadow_xoffset 1
input_shadow_yoffset 1
input_shadow_color #0000ff
# for the messages:
msg_shadow_xoffset 1
msg_shadow_yoffset 1
msg_shadow_color #ff00ff
# For the session:
session_shadow_xoffset 1
session_shadow_yoffset 1
session_shadow_color #ff00ff