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= 1.1.0 (2012-12-27)
* Add optional SSL certificate pinning with `#define _AFNETWORKING_PIN_SSL_CERTIFICATES_` (Dustin Barker)
* Add `responseStringEncoding` property to `AFURLConnectionOperation` (Mattt Thompson)
* Add `userInfo` property to `AFURLConnectionOperation` (Mattt Thompson, Steven Fisher)
* Change behavior to cause a failure when an operation is cancelled (Daniel Tull)
* Change return type of class constructors to `instancetype` (@guykogus)
* Change notifications to always being posted on an asynchronously-dispatched block run on the main queue (Evadne Wu, Mattt Thompson)
* Change from NSLocalizedString to NSLocalizedStringFromTable with AFNetworking.strings table for localized strings (Cédric Luthi)
* Change `-appendPartWithHeaders:body:` to add assertion handler for existence of body data parameter (Jonathan Beilin)
* Change `AFHTTPRequestOperation -responseString` to follow guidelines from RFC 2616 regarding the use of string encoding when none is specified in the response (Jorge Bernal)
* Change AFHTTPClient parameter serialization dictionary keys with `caseInsensitiveCompare:` to ensure
deterministic ordering of query string parameters, which may otherwise
cause ambiguous representations of nested parameters (James Coleman,
Mattt Thompson)
* Fix -Wstrict-selector-match warnings raised by Xcode 4.6DP3 (Jesse Collis, Cédric Luthi)
* Fix NSJSONSerialization crash with Unicode character escapes in JSON response (Mathijs Kadijk)
* Fix issue with early return in -startMonitoringNetworkReachability if network reachability object could not be created (i.e. invalid hostnames) (Basil Shkara)
* Fix retain cycles in AFImageRequestOperation.m and AFHTTPClient.m caused by strong references within blocks (Nick Forge)
* Fix issue caused by Rails behavior of returning a single space in head :ok responses, which is interpreted as invalid (Sebastian Ludwig)
* Fix issue in streaming multipart upload, where final encapsulation boundary would not be appended if it was larger than the available buffer, causing a potential timeout (Tomohisa Takaoka, David Kasper)
* Fix memory leak of network reachability callback block (Mattt Thompson)
* Fix `-initWithCoder:` for `AFURLConnectionOperation` and `AFHTTPClient` to cast scalar types (Mattt Thompson)
* Fix bug in `-enqueueBatchOfHTTPRequestOperations:...` to by using `addOperations:waitUntilFinished:` instead of adding each operation individually. (Mattt Thompson)
* Change `#warning` messages of checks for `CoreServices` and `MobileCoreServices` to message according to the build target platform (Mattt Thompson)
* Change `AFQueryStringFromParametersWithEncoding` to create keys string representations using the description method as specified in documentation (Cédric Luthi)
* Fix __unused keywords for better Xcode indexing (Christian Rasmussen)
* Fix warning: unused parameter 'x' [-Werror,-Wunused-parameter] (Oliver Jones)
* Fix warning: property is assumed atomic by default [-Werror,-Wimplicit-atomic-properties] (Oliver Jones)
* Fix warning: weak receiver may be unpredictably null in ARC mode [-Werror,-Wreceiver-is-weak] (Oliver Jones)
* Fix warning: multiple methods named 'selector' found [-Werror,-Wstrict-selector-match] (Oliver Jones)
* Fix warning: 'macro' is not defined, evaluates to 0 (Oliver Jones)
* Fix warning: atomic by default property 'X' has a user (Oliver Jones)defined getter (property should be marked 'atomic' if this is intended) [-Werror, -Wcustom-atomic-properties] (Oliver Jones)
* Fix warning: 'response' was marked unused but was used [-Werror,-Wused-but-marked-unused] (Oliver Jones)
* Fix warning: enumeration value 'AFFinalBoundaryPhase' not explicitly handled in switch [-Werror,-Wswitch-enum] (Oliver Jones)
= 1.0.1 / 2012-11-01
* Fix error in multipart upload streaming, where byte range at boundaries
was not correctly calculated (Stan Chang Khin Boon)
* If a success block is specified to `UIImageView -setImageWithURLRequest:
placeholderImage:success:failure`:, it is now the responsibility of the
block to set the image of the image view (Mattt Thompson)
* Add `JSONReadingOptions` property to `AFJSONRequestOperation` (Jeremy
Foo, Mattt Thompson)
* Using __weak self / __strong self pattern to break retain cycles in
background task and network reachability blocks (Jerry Beers, Dan Weeks)
* Fix parameter encoding to leave period (`.`) unescaped (Diego Torres)
* Fixing last file component in multipart form part creation (Sylver
* Remove executable permission on AFHTTPClient source files (Andrew
* Fix warning (error with -Werror) on implicit 64 to 32 conversion (Dan
* Add GitHub's .gitignore file (Nate Stedman)
* Updates to README (@ckmcc)
= 1.0 / 2012-10-15
* AFNetworking now requires iOS 5 / Mac OSX 10.7 or higher (Mattt Thompson)
* AFNetworking now uses Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) (Mattt Thompson)
* AFNetworking raises compiler warnings for missing features when
SystemConfiguration or CoreServices / MobileCoreServices frameworks are not
included in the project and imported in the precompiled headers (Mattt
* AFNetworking now raises compiler error when not compiled with ARC (Steven
* Add `NSCoding` and `NSCopying` protocol conformance to
`AFURLConnectionOperation` and `AFHTTPClient` (Mattt Thompson)
* Add substantial improvements HTTP multipart streaming support, having
files streamed directly from disk and read sequentially from a custom input
stream (Max Lansing, Stan Chang Khin Boon, Mattt Thompson)
* Add `AFMultipartFormData -throttleBandwidthWithPacketSize:delay:` as
workaround to issues when uploading over 3G (Mattt Thompson)
* Add request and response to `userInfo` of errors returned from failing
`AFHTTPRequestOperation` (Mattt Thompson)
* Add `userInfo` dictionary with current status in reachability changes
(Mattt Thompson)
* Add `Accept` header for image requests in `UIImageView` category (Bratley
* Add explicit declaration of `NSURLConnection` delegate methods so that
they can be overridden in subclasses (Mattt Thompson, Evan Grim)
* Add parameter validation to match conditions specified in documentation
(Jason Brennan, Mattt Thompson)
* Add import to `UIKit` to avoid build errors from `UIDevice` references in
`User-Agent` default header (Blake Watters)
* Remove `AFJSONUtilities` in favor of `NSJSONSerialization` (Mattt Thompson)
* Remove `extern` declaration of `AFURLEncodedStringFromStringWithEncoding`
function (`CFURLCreateStringByAddingPercentEscapes` should be used instead)
(Mattt Thompson)
* Remove `setHTTPShouldHandleCookies:NO` from `AFHTTPClient` (@phamsonha,
Mattt Thompson)
* Remove `dispatch_retain` / `dispatch_release` with ARC in iOS 6 (Benoit
* Fix threading issue with `AFNetworkActivityIndicatorManager` (Eric Patey)
* Fix issue where `AFNetworkActivityIndicatorManager` count could become
negative (@ap4y)
* Fix properties to explicitly set options to suppress warnings (Wen-Hao
Lue, Mattt Thompson)
* Fix compiler warning caused by mismatched types in upload / download
progress blocks (Gareth du Plooy, tomas.a)
* Fix weak / strong variable relationships in `completionBlock` (Peter
* Fix string formatting syntax warnings caused by type mismatch (David
Keegan, Steven Fisher, George Cox)
* Fix minor potential security vulnerability by explicitly using string
format in NSError localizedDescription value in userInfo (Steven Fisher)
* Fix `AFURLConnectionOperation -pause` by adding state checks to prevent
likely memory issues when resuming (Mattt Thompson)
* Fix warning caused by miscast of type when
* Fix incomplete implementation warning in example code (Steven Fisher)
* Fix warning caused by using `==` comparator on floats (Steven Fisher)
* Fix iOS 4 bug where file URLs return `NSURLResponse` rather than
`NSHTTPURLResponse` objects (Leo Lobato)
* Fix calculation of finished operations in batch operation progress
callback (Mattt Thompson)
* Fix documentation typos (Steven Fisher, Matthias Wessendorf,
* Fix `hasAcceptableStatusCode` to return true after a network failure (Tony
* Fix warning about missing prototype for private static method (Stephan
* Fix issue where `nil` content type resulted in unacceptable content type
(Mattt Thompson)
* Fix bug related to setup and scheduling of output stream (Stephen Tramer)
* Fix AFContentTypesFromHTTPHeader to correctly handle comma-delimited
content types (Peyman, Mattt Thompson, @jsm174)
* Fix crash caused by `_networkReachability` not being set to `NULL` after
releasing (Blake Watters)
* Fix Podspec to correctly import required headers and use ARC (Eloy Durán,
Blake Watters)
* Fix query string parameter escaping to leave square brackets unescaped
(Mattt Thompson)
* Fix query string parameter encoding of `NSNull` values (Daniel Rinser)
* Fix error caused by referencing `__IPHONE_OS_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED` without
importing `Availability.h` (Blake Watters)
* Update example to use App.net API, as Twitter shut off its unauthorized
access to the public timeline (Mattt Thompson)
* Update `AFURLConnectionOperation` to replace `NSAutoReleasePool` with
`@autoreleasepool` (Mattt Thompson)
* Update `AFHTTPClient` operation queue to specify
`NSOperationQueueDefaultMaxConcurrentOperationCount` rather than
previously-defined constant (Mattt Thompson)
* Update `AFHTTPClient -initWithBaseURL` to automatically append trailing
slash, so as to fix common issue where default path is not respected without
trailing slash (Steven Fisher)
* Update default `AFHTTPClient` `User-Agent` header strings (Mattt Thompson,
Steven Fisher)
* Update icons for iOS example application (Mattt Thompson)
* Update `numberOfCompletedOperations` variable in progress block to be
renamed to `numberOfFinishedOperations` (Mattt Thompson)
= 0.10.0 / 2012-06-26
* Add Twitter Mac Example application (Mattt Thompson)
* Add note in README about how to set `-fno-objc-arc` flag for multiple files
at once (Pål Brattberg)
* Add note in README about 64-bit architecture requirement (@rmuginov, Mattt
* Add note in `AFNetworkActivityIndicatorManager` about not having to manually
manage animation state (Mattt Thompson)
* Add missing block parameter name for `imageProcessingBlock` (Francois
* Add NextiveJson to list of supported JSON libraries (Mattt Thompson)
* Restore iOS 4.0 compatibility with `addAcceptableStatusCodes:` and
`addAcceptableContentTypes:` (Zachary Waldowski)
* Update `AFHTTPClient` to use HTTP pipelining for `GET` and `HEAD` requests by
default (Mattt Thompson)
* Remove @private ivar declaration in headers (Peter Steinberger, Mattt
* Fix potential premature deallocation of _skippedCharacterSet (Tom Wanielista,
Mattt Thompson)
* Fix potential issue in `setOutputStream` by closing any existing
`outputStream` (Mattt Thompson)
* Fix filename in AFHTTPClient header (Steven Fisher)
* Fix documentation for UIImageView+AFNetworking (Mattt Thompson)
* Fix HTTP multipart form format, which caused issues with Tornado web server
(Matt Chen)
* Fix `AFHTTPClient` to not append empty data into multipart form data (Jon
* Fix URL encoding normalization to not conditionally escape percent-encoded
strings (João Prado Maia, Kendall Helmstetter Gelner, @cysp, Mattt Thompson)
* Fix `AFHTTPClient` documentation reference of
`HTTPRequestOperationWithRequest:success:failure` (Shane Vitarana)
* Add `AFURLRequestOperation -setRedirectResponseBlock:` (Kevin Harwood)
* Fix `AFURLConnectionOperation` compilation error by conditionally importing
UIKit framework (Steven Fisher)
* Fix issue where image processing block is not called correctly with success
block in `AFImageRequestOperation` (Sergey Gavrilyuk)
* Fix leaked dispatch group in batch operations (@andyegorov, Mattt Thompson)
* Fix support for non-LLVM compilers in `AFNetworkActivityIndicatorManager`
(Abraham Vegh, Bill Williams, Mattt Thompson)
* Fix AFHTTPClient to not add unnecessary data when constructing multipart form
request with nil parameters (Taeho Kim)
= 1.0RC1 / 2012-04-25
* Add `AFHTTPRequestOperation +addAcceptableStatusCodes /
+addAcceptableContentTypes` to dynamically add acceptable status codes and
content types on the class level (Mattt Thompson)
* Add support for compound and complex `Accept` headers that include multiple
content types and / or specify a particular character encoding (Mattt Thompson)
* Add `AFURLConnectionOperation
-setShouldExecuteAsBackgroundTaskWithExpirationHandler:` to have operations
finish once an app becomes inactive (Mattt Thompson)
* Add support for pausing / resuming request operations (Peter Steinberger,
Mattt Thompson)
* Improve network reachability functionality in `AFHTTPClient`, including a
distinction between WWan and WiFi reachability (Kevin Harwood, Mattt Thompson)
= 0.9.2 / 2012-04-25
* Add thread safety to `AFNetworkActivityIndicator` (Peter Steinberger, Mattt
* Document requirement of available JSON libraries for decoding responses in
`AFJSONRequestOperation` and parameter encoding in `AFHTTPClient` (Mattt
* Fix `AFHTTPClient` parameter encoding (Mattt Thompson)
* Fix `AFJSONEncode` and `AFJSONDecode` to use `SBJsonWriter` and
`SBJsonParser` instead of `NSObject+SBJson` (Oliver Eikemeier)
* Fix bug where `AFJSONDecode` does not return errors (Alex Michaud)
* Fix compiler warning for undeclared
`AFQueryStringComponentFromKeyAndValueWithEncoding` function (Mattt Thompson)
* Fix cache policy for URL requests (Peter Steinberger)
* Fix race condition bug in `UIImageView+AFNetworking` caused by incorrectly
nil-ing request operations (John Wu)
* Fix reload button in Twitter example (Peter Steinberger)
* Improve batched operation by deferring execution of batch completion block
until all component request completion blocks have finished (Patrick Hernandez,
Kevin Harwood, Mattt Thompson)
* Improve performance of image request decoding by dispatching to background
queue (Mattt Thompson)
* Revert `AFImageCache` to cache image objects rather than `NSPurgeableData`
(Tony Million, Peter Steinberger, Mattt Thompson)
* Remove unnecessary KVO `willChangeValueForKey:` / `didChangeValueForKey:`
calls (Peter Steinberger)
* Remove unnecessary @private ivar declarations in headers (Peter Steinberger,
Mattt Thompson)
* Remove @try-@catch block wrapping network thread entry point (Charles T. Ahn)
= 0.9.1 / 2012-03-19
* Create Twitter example application (Mattt Thompson)
* Add support for nested array and dictionary parameters for query string and
form-encoded requests (Mathieu Hausherr, Josh Chung, Mattt Thompson)
* Add `AFURLConnectionOperation -setCacheResponseBlock:`, which allows the
behavior of the `NSURLConnectionDelegate` method
`-connection:willCacheResponse:` to be overridden without subclassing (Mattt
NSURLConnection authentication delegate methods (Mattt Thompson)
* Add properties for custom success / failure callback queues (Peter
* Add notifications for network reachability changes to `AFHTTPClient` (Mattt
* Add `AFHTTPClient -patchPath:` convenience method (Mattt Thompson)
* Add support for NextiveJson (Adrian Kosmaczewski)
* Improve network reachability checks (C. Bess)
* Improve NSIndexSet formatting in error strings (Jon Parise)
* Document crashing behavior in iOS 4 loading a file:// URL (Mattt Thompson)
* Fix crash caused by `AFHTTPClient -cancelAllHTTPOperationsWithMethod:` not
checking operation to be instance of `AFHTTPRequestOperation` (Mattt Thompson)
* Fix crash caused by passing `nil` URL in requests (Sam Soffes)
* Fix errors caused by connection property not being nil'd out after an
operation finishes (Kevin Harwood, @zdzisiekpu)
* Fix crash caused by passing `NULL` error pointer when setting `NSInvocation`
in `AFJSONEncode` and `AFJSONDecode` (Tyler Stromberg)
* Fix batch operation completion block returning on background thread (Patrick
* Fix documentation for UIImageView+AFNetworking (Dominic Dagradi)
* Fix race condition caused by `AFURLConnectionOperation` being cancelled on
main thread, rather than network thread (Erik Olsson)
* Fix `AFURLEncodedStringFromStringWithEncoding` to correctly handle cases
where % is used as a literal rather than as part of a percent escape code
(Mattt Thompson)
* Fix missing comma in `+defaultAcceptableContentTypes` for
`AFImageRequestOperation` (Michael Schneider)
= 0.9.0 / 2012-01-23
* Add thread-safe behavior to `AFURLConnectionOperation` (Mattt Thompson)
* Add batching of operations for `AFHTTPClient` (Mattt Thompson)
* Add authentication challenge callback block to override default
implementation of `connection:didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge:` in
`AFURLConnectionOperation` (Mattt Thompson)
short-circuits the standard preference ordering used in `AFJSONEncode` and
`AFJSONDecode` to use `NSJSONSerialization` when available, falling back on
third-party-libraries. (Mattt Thompson, Shane Vitarana)
* Add custom `description` for `AFURLConnectionOperation` and `AFHTTPClient`
(Mattt Thompson)
* Add `text/javascript` to default acceptable content types for
`AFJSONRequestOperation` (Jake Boxer)
* Add `imageScale` property to change resolution of images constructed from
cached data (Štěpán Petrů)
* Add note about third party JSON libraries in README (David Keegan)
* `AFQueryStringFromParametersWithEncoding` formats `NSArray` values in the
form `key[]=value1&key[]=value2` instead of `key=(value1,value2)` (Dan Thorpe)
* `AFImageRequestOperation -responseImage` on OS X uses `NSBitmapImageRep` to
determine the correct pixel dimensions of the image (David Keegan)
* `AFURLConnectionOperation` `connection` has memory management policy `assign`
to avoid retain cycles caused by `NSURLConnection` retaining its delegate
(Mattt Thompson)
* `AFURLConnectionOperation` calls super implementation for `-isReady`,
following the guidelines for `NSOperation` subclasses (Mattt Thompson)
* `UIImageView -setImageWithURL:` and related methods call success callback
after setting image (Cameron Boehmer)
* Cancel request if an authentication challenge has no suitable credentials in
`AFURLConnectionOperation -connection:didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge:`
(Jorge Bernal)
* Remove exception from
`multipartFormRequestWithMethod:path:parameters:constructing BodyWithBlock:`
raised when certain HTTP methods are used. (Mattt Thompson)
* Remove `AFImageCache` from public API, moving it into private implementation
of `UIImageView+AFNetworking` (Mattt Thompson)
* Mac example application makes better use of AppKit technologies and
conventions (Mattt Thompson)
* Fix issue with multipart form boundaries in `AFHTTPClient
-multipartFormRequestWithMethod:path:parameters:constructing BodyWithBlock:`
(Ray Morgan, Mattt Thompson, Sam Soffes)
* Fix "File Upload with Progress Callback" code snippet in README (Larry Legend)
* Fix to SBJSON invocations in `AFJSONEncode` and `AFJSONDecode` (Matthias
Tretter, James Frye)
* Fix documentation for `AFHTTPClient requestWithMethod:path:parameters:`
(Michael Parker)
* Fix `Content-Disposition` headers used for multipart form construction
(Michael Parker)
* Add network reachability status change callback property to `AFHTTPClient`.
(Mattt Thompson, Kevin Harwood)
* Fix exception handling in `AFJSONEncode` and `AFJSONDecode` (David Keegan)
* Fix `NSData` initialization with string in `AFBase64EncodedStringFromString`
(Adam Ernst, Mattt Thompson)
* Fix error check in `appendPartWithFileURL:name:error:` (Warren Moore,
Baldoph, Mattt Thompson)
* Fix compiler warnings for certain configurations (Charlie Williams)
* Fix bug caused by passing zero-length `responseData` to response object
initializers (Mattt Thompson, Serge Paquet)