The "pictr" demo app from the SA Ruby presentation. A completely cloud based app, using (almost) all of the AWS services
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This is the application that I demoed at the 4/28/2009 SARuby meeting. It is a picture uploading/converting application that is completely run in the Amazon cloud: EC2/S3/CloudFront/SQS/SimpleDB. 

The application has a web component, which is where you upload your pictures, and a async processing component that converts these images to different sizes, applies effects, etc. 

This is very much a demonstration application. 

Slides used for the presentation can be found here:

There are a few things you need to do to get this app running

1 - Setup your AWS keys in either your environment (development mode), or 2) put them in the proper txt files (production mode - see production.rb)

2 - Install the proper gems. rake install:gems should do the trick.

3 - Using the right_aws tools, you need to setup several things. 
  - Setup the s3 bucket. See Picture::UPLOAD_BUCKET
  - Setup your sqs queue named "convert". See picture.rb
  - Ensure that you are signed up for SDB, and create the pictures domain. You can do that with: 
      RightAws::ActiveSdb.establish_connection; Picture.create_domain
  -Setup your cloud front distribution
    acf =
    dist = acf.create_distribution '', 'desc'
4 - Substitute YOUR_CLOUDFRONT_DISTRIBUTION_NAME in picture.rb with your new distribution name 
5 - If running in production, edit application_controller.rb and replace with the proper name
6 - Install a Georgia.ttf font in files/ See convert_job.rb (this was used for the text overlay in the pictures)