A temporary commit tool for git
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git-now is a command-line tool for light and temporary commit. It commits with a log message from time now and diff.


Create a temporary commit:

$ git now

You can use the same option as git add.

$ git now [-n] [-v] [--force | -f] [--interactive | -i] [--patch | -p]
          [--edit | -e] [--all | [--update | -u]] [--intent-to-add | -N]
          [--refresh] [--ignore-errors] [--ignore-missing] [--stat | -s] [--]


Available subcommands are:

  • rebase - rebase for temporary commits.
  • push - rebuild that is remove and push remote branch.
    If you already pushed git-now commits to remote and rebase these, you should run this subcommand.
  • grep - grep temporary commits.

Try 'git now <subcommand> help' for details.


Mac OS

If you're on a Mac and use homebrew, it's simple:

$ brew install git-now

install options

  • --zsh-completion
    copy zsh completion function to /usr/local/share/zsh/functions for zsh users

     $ brew install --zsh-completion git-now

    Show details

     $ brew options git-now

Manual installation

If you prefer a manual installation, please use the following instructions:

$ git clone --recursive git://github.com/iwata/git-now.git

for Windows

Then, you can install git-now, using:

> .\contrib\msysgit-install.bat

By default, git-now will be installed in %HOME%, If %HOME% is not defined be installed in %UserProfile%\bin.

note : shFlags needs "getopt.exe" or others, Reffer to [gitflow installation document] (https://github.com/nvie/gitflow/wiki/Windows).

for Others

Then, you can install git-now, using:

$ sudo make install

By default, git-now will be installed in /usr/local. To change the prefix where git-now will be installed, simply specify it explicitly, using:

$ sudo make prefix=/opt/local install

Or simply point your PATH environment variable to your git-now checkout directory.

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