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# Copyright by Mariano Iglesias
# See contributors list in
# See license text in LICENSE file
import Options, Utils
from os import unlink, symlink, chdir, environ
from os.path import exists
srcdir = "."
blddir = "build"
VERSION = "0.2.2"
def set_options(opt):
opt.add_option('--debug', action='store_true', help='Run tests with nodeunit_g')
opt.add_option('--warn', action='store_true', help='Enable extra -W* compiler flags')
def configure(conf):
# Enables all the warnings that are easy to avoid
conf.env.append_unique('CXXFLAGS', ["-Wall"])
if Options.options.warn:
# Extra warnings
conf.env.append_unique('CXXFLAGS', ["-Wextra"])
# Extra warnings, gcc 4.4
conf.env.append_unique('CXXFLAGS', ["-Wconversion", "-Wshadow", "-Wsign-conversion", "-Wunreachable-code", "-Wredundant-decls", "-Wcast-qual"])
oci_include = environ.get("OCI_INCLUDE_DIR", "/opt/instantclient/sdk/include")
if oci_include:
conf.env.append_unique('CXXFLAGS', [ '-I' + oci_include ])
oci_lib = environ.get("OCI_LIB_DIR", "/opt/instantclient")
if oci_lib:
conf.env.append_unique('LINKFLAGS', [ '-L' + oci_lib ])
conf.env.append_unique('LINKFLAGS', ['-locci', '-lclntsh', '-lnnz11'])
conf.check(header_name="occi.h", errmsg="Missing include files for OCI", mandatory=True)
conf.check_cxx(lib="occi", errmsg="Missing libocci", mandatory=True)
def build(bld):
obj = bld.new_task_gen("cxx", "shlib", "node_addon") = "oracle_bindings"
obj.source = "lib/node-db/ lib/node-db/ lib/node-db/ lib/node-db/ lib/node-db/ lib/node-db/ src/ src/ src/ src/ src/"
obj.includes = "lib/"
def test(tst):
test_binary = 'nodeunit'
if Options.options.debug:
test_binary = 'nodeunit_g'
Utils.exec_command(test_binary + ' tests.js')
def lint(lnt):
# Bindings C++ source code
print("Run CPPLint:")
Utils.exec_command('cpplint --filter=-whitespace/line_length ./lib/node-db/*.h ./lib/node-db/*.cc ./src/*.h ./src/*.cc')
# Bindings javascript code, and tools
print("Run Nodelint for sources:")
Utils.exec_command('nodelint ./package.json ./db-drizzle.js')