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Trial Limitations

For all modules, trial demo and licensed versions contain exactly the same features, only some results are obfuscated in the demo.

Using the free trial, at some point, you may see such obfuscations with *** Trial Evaluation ***

15:47:17    http://ssl*** Trial Evaluation ***      GET     200 OK  application/x-font-woff 5.4 kB
    GET /pla*** Trial Evaluation ***
    Host: ssl*** Trial Evaluation ***
    Connection: kee*** Trial Evaluation ***
    User-Agent: Moz*** Trial Evaluation ***
    Origin: htt*** Trial Evaluation ***
    Accept: */**** Trial Evaluation ***
    Referer: htt*** Trial Evaluation ***
    Accept-Encoding: gzi*** Trial Evaluation ***
    Accept-Language: fr-*** Trial Evaluation ***
    DNT: *** Trial Evaluation ***

Licensing a module will simply deobfuscate the text.


Don't buy a license thinking that this will "unblock" features or let missing results appear.

If results are not the expected ones (missing devices in LanScan, missing results in protocols in NA module, no results at all for a target), licensing the module won't show you new results. Contact the support in that case to understand what's wrong.