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Oxygen Frameworks for the Iwein Project
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This Framework was developed by Gustavo Fernández Riva to be used in combination with the Oxygen Software®. Although it is meant to be used in combination with the propietary software Oxygen, the framework itself is licenced under a CC 4.0 Attribution (CC 4.0 BY). This Framework aids in the transcriptions of primary sources. At the current moment it is designed specially for the transcription of medieval poetry in rhyming couplets. It is intended to be used in the transcription of the Middle High German arthurian romance Iwein by Hartmann von Aue.


1- Find your installation directory for Oxygen. Inside it you should be able to locate the folder 'frameworks'.

2- Copy or Clone this repository into a new folder inside that directory.* You are free to name that folder anyway you like, but the name Iwein is suggested. (In some Operative Systems you need to have administrator privileges to be able to do this. If you are not allowed to install in that folder, you can install it in another directory and it will still work).

3- In Oxygen, go to Options -> Preferences. Look for the tab 'Document Type Association'. You should see that 'Iwein' is listed there as one possible Framework to use. If not, go to 'Locations' under 'Document Type Association' and make sure that the path to the folder where the framework is located is selected.

More information about frameworks:

Oxygen Documentation

  • To clone using GitHub Desktop go to File -> Clone Repository. Then select the tab URL. In the first field (repository URL or GitHub Username and repository) copy the URL for this repository: . In the second field Local Path select the folder 'frameworks' inside your oxygen folder. If that fails, clone it in any other folder in your computer. You will need to select that folder in Oxygen Options -> Preferences -> Document Type Association -> Locations (see step 3)
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