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We _do_ recognise comments now. We just don't do anything with them.
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🏎 Formula One - An Experimental LISP 🏎

Formula One is an experiment in ways to ergonomically build syntax trees and transformations in Rust.

🏎  > (begin (define foo 1007) (define bar 330) (+ foo bar))
 ~> 1337

Blog Post

The early development of this language is discussed on my blog in Lisp in Two Days with Rust


The language is a small subset of the LISP described in Notably it supports the following special forms:

  • (if <cond> <then> <elze>) for conditional evaluation of <then> or <elze>
  • (define <sym> <expr>) binding a value to a symbol
  • (<sym> <args>...) for calling a named function <sym>

All evaluation takes place in a single global environment. The language does not support user-defined functions with labda or the nested environments that they would entail. Quoting of values with ' or quote is also not supported. The parser recognises comments and whitespace but is yet to bind them to primary tokens as trivia.

🐉 Here be Dragons 🐉

This is only intended as an experiment to develop techniques for building syntax trees in code. It isn't intended as a production use language.

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