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Snooper is a lightweight test automation tool, it monitors files and folders while you work and re-runs your tests when you change something. Snooper doesn't care what language you're using or what framework you are testing with, it's all configurable.


$ snooper <--config CONFIG | -h> <command>

See snooper(1) for more information.


Snooper expects a YAML document of key-value pairs; each pair specifies an option. Unknown options are ignored. Options that can contain a list of values may also be given a single value.

String options: base_path:, command:

String Array options: paths:, filters:, ignored:

Note: filters: and ignored: are regular expressions. This means that \.c will match both foo.c and bar.cfg, \.c$ will only match .c files.

<script src=""></script>


Snooper is open source! For more information check out the licence.