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An android app to calculate the nutrient value of a recipe
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ICS4U-Final-Project - Nutrient Calculator

An android app to calculate the nutrient value of a recipe

This was created for the final project for ICS4U. It may be available on the Play Store at some point.

This project uses the iTextPDF Library to output the PDFs.
Their license is availavle at:

This project is released under the GNU Affero General Public License. The license is available in the LICENSE file, or at

This app uses the Canadian Nutrient File (

This project was authored by:

  • Isaac (Project Manager, Backend Programming)
  • Andrew (Frontend Programming)
  • Griffin (Graphic Design and Images)

Thanks to Karen for inspiring this whole project and encouraging me when I thought I couldn't make this.
Thanks to Cutten for teaching us to code and solving all of our trivial problems.

Our changelog is located in the CHANGELOG file.

Found an unexpected feature or a happy little quirk? (I don't like bugs)
Submit a bug report on the issue tab!

**Possible Future Features

  • Tutorial for first time users
  • More Icons
  • Better search algoithm
  • Faster startup
  • Unit converter
  • Recipe import
  • Recipe multiplier
  • Shopping list creator
  • Recipe categories
  • More provided recipes
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