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IWD dev team ladder

Level 1

  • Title: Developer
  • Experience: ~0–4 years*
  • Goals: Builds defined features, investigates and fixes bugs, writes tests
    • Focus on growing as developer learning existing tools, resources and processes
    • Communicates progress, identifies blocking issues
    • Code review
    • Respect team process

Level 2

  • Title: Senior Developer
  • Experience: ~3–8 years*
  • Goals:
    • Requires minimal direction/oversight
    • Has deep technical expertise
    • Takes initiative to identify and solve important problems
    • Regularly delivers software on-time
    • Self-sufficient in at least one large area of the codebase
    • Code review
    • Makes others better through code reviews, documentation, technical guidance, and mentoring
    • The best practice, process and documentation watchdog
    • Develop domains skills

Level 3

  • Title: Lead developer
  • Experience: ~10+ years*
  • Role:
    • Lead a product team
    • Owns the development and rollout for the entire product
    • Promote culture, process, best practice
    • Identifies risks before starting major projects
    • Listens and guides debates to help reach a consensus
    • Goes out of their way to reduce complexity
    • Has deep technical & business/product expertise
    • Contribute to the product design
    • Manage hiring with the others lead developer & the CTO

Other roles


  • Set up, supervise and monitor the production servers with the state of art technologies & best practices
  • Manage the backup system for the entire company
  • Help developers with the CI, other environments (dev ends, preprod, test...) & productivity
  • Handle IT demands:
    • New employees needs (accounts, hardware, software setup...)
    • Help the others employees with computer issues


  • Works in collaboration with teams' lead developers to organize and manage high priority projects
  • Promotes culture, processes and best practices across all the teams
  • Has a global vision of the technical solution of the products


  • Works with the CTO
  • Team building
  • Manage day to day team life: support planning, holidays, sickness, personal issues...


  • Helps the dev team to achieve the company's goals
  • Works with the product team to define what to do next
  • Organize and manage high priority projects
  • Manages hiring
  • Has a global vision of the technical solution of the products
  • Promotes culture, processes and best practices across the company
  • Board member

[*] the number of years of experience is provided as indication only. A developer with 8 years of experience could be hired as a lead developer, it depends on the skills and professional maturity. The same goes for the other levels.