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IWD challenges

Hi! You just found our challenge repository to applying for a job at IWD.

You're most likely already participating in our recruiting process, but if you stumbled here by chance and would like to work with us, please send us an email at job@iwd.io.

If you're in the process, then by now we have got a better appreciation of who you are and now we would like to get a feel for the way you work.

Please understand that this is not a test or an exam, here there are no right and wrong answers. This is just an opportunity for us to see how you solve problems. You also can get an understanding of the type of things we have to do in IWD (of course in very simple version so that the challenge is not too long for you).

What we expect to learn about you from this is:

  • Your working style
  • How you think and solve problems
  • How you communicate through the code and/or documentation

Fork this repository in your github account. Depending on your profile (see below), you have a different set of tasks to achieve.

When it's done, send us the URL of your fork, we will do a review as quick as possible (~1 day) and getting back to you for the next step.