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A templatetag to cache views and serve them statically.
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GLAMkit static-preload



  • Django 1.3+

To run the tests, glamkit-testtools is also required.


Add static_preload to INSTALLED_APPS, then in your template, {% load static_preload %}. Then use the "static_preload" templatetag to generate a URL to the statically served version of a local URL. The first argument is the URL to preload, and the optional following arguments are additional strings (which can be template variables) to append to GET parameters, e.g.:

{% static_preload "/something/to/preload" "query=foo&page=bar" request.GET.urlencode %}



The absolute path to the directory where the cached preloaded views will be stored.

Defaults to the "CACHE/static_preload/" subdirectory in MEDIA_ROOT.


The URL at which the cache root as defined above is being served from.

If PRELOAD_CACHE_ROOT is a subdirectory of MEDIA_ROOT`, which is its default behaviour, the default value of PRELOAD_CACHE_URL will be automatically calculated with the assumption that MEDIA_ROOT is available at MEDIA_URL. Otherwise, an ImproperlyConfiguredError will be raised if a value is not provided.


Setting this to True will result in any IOErrors (e.g. due to permission or disk space issues on the cache folder) being raised instead of a fallback to a non-preloaded URL.

Defaults to False.


A list of models that will trigger cache invalidation when modified. The list should be in ['app.Model1', 'app.Model2', ... ] format.

Defaults to [], i.e. caches are permanent until the server is restarted, unless time-based invalidation is used.


Setting this to True will result in the cache being invalidated daily. This is useful when the models used in your preloaded views have "expiration" dates.

Defaults to False.

Note that arbitrary invalidation time periods are not supported yet.

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