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Django site breadcrumbs based on the URL path
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Simple generation of Django site breadcrumbs based on the current URL path.

Documentation is available at Github pages or inside the repo.

GLAMkit-url-breadcrumbs is a part of the GLAMkit framework.


  • Django

Quick Start

To get up and running quickly:

  • Download and install GLAMkit-url-breadcrumbs using, or a pip requirements file entry referencing a commit reference like:

    -e git://
  • Add 'url_breadcrumbs' to INSTALLED_APPS in your settings

  • Invoke the template tag in a template. You must always provide the request:

    {% load url_breadcrumbs_tags %}
    {% url_breadcrumbs request %}

By default the template tag will generate a UL/LI listing of crumb links by converting each URL path fragment into a title-cased name, so the path /path-to/my_app/resource will be rendered as a set of links with the names Home > Path To > My App > Resource.


To customize the HTML output create your own url_breadcrumbs.html template file.

There are a number of ways to customize the crumb name used for URL path components, refer to the documentation in the url_breadcrumbs template tag for more details but common examples are:

  • In your view, set the crumb name for the current page to represent the resource or document being displayed:

    # Set crumb name on request object
    request.crumb = 'Full Name of This Resource'
  • In your template, override the default Home site root crumb name and the delimiter character between crumbs:

    {% with crumb_home_name="Welcome" crumb_delim="|" %}
        {% url_breadcrumbs request %}
    {% endwith %}
  • In your settings, define a list of functions as URL_BREADCRUMBS_FUNCTIONS to generate custom crumb names. See the included feincms_page_title function for an example, or use this directly if your site is based on FeinCMS:

    # Use FeinCMS page title as breadcrumb crumb name
    from url_breadcrumbs.crumb_fns import feincms_page_title
    URL_BREADCRUMBS_FUNCTIONS = [feincms_page_title]
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