A fork of Docker Cloud's HAproxy image and a companion Let's Encrypt image that automate SSL termination.
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Do not use this repository. Use https://github.com/ixc/letsencrypt-docker instead, which works with the official dockercloud-haproxy image and fixes a few problems and limitations with this letsencrypt image.


The haproxy image will:

  • Create a self signed default certificate, so HAproxy can start before we have any real certificates.

  • Watch the /etc/letsencrypt/live directory and when changes are detected, install combined certificates and reload HAproxy.

The letsencrypt image will:

  • Automatically create or renew certificates on startup and daily thereafter.


In your stack file:

  • Link to the letsencrypt service from the haproxy service.

  • Use volumes_from: letsencrypt in the haproxy service.

  • Define a DOMAINS environment variable in the letsencrypt service. Certificates are separated by semi-colon (;) and domains are separated by comma (,).

  • Define an EMAIL environment variable in the letsencrypt service. It will be used for all certificates.

  • Define an OPTIONS environment variable in the letsencrypt service, if you want to pass additional arguments to certbot (e.g. --staging).

Several environment variables are hard coded, and don't need to be defined in your stack file:

  • The DEFAULT_SSL_CERT environment variable is set to the value of the default/first Let's Encrypt certificate (if not already explicitly set), to ensure SSL termination is enabled.

  • The VIRTUAL_HOST and VIRTUAL_HOST_WEIGHT environment variables are hard coded in the letsencrypt image, to ensure challenge requests for all domains are proxied to the letsencrypt service.

A sample stack file is provided.