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Commits on Apr 19, 2010
Batiste Bieler Get "python test" to run. d05e4a3
Batiste Bieler Make a simple count test to pass f4df689
Batiste Bieler Add a string AutoField object. 7fe2afa
Batiste Bieler Add simple failing test for get. 370f3a7
Batiste Bieler Get a basic get working 1a17d0a
Batiste Bieler Add some test to be sure than changing model is working. affe20e
Batiste Bieler Unable to make the sort working. 41f0c09
Batiste Bieler Fix date typo c1b8514
Batiste Bieler More tests on the dates. bc7121b
Batiste Bieler Simple foreign keys relation. b675f08
Commits on Apr 20, 2010
Batiste Bieler A bit of cleanup 8cf753f
Batiste Bieler More foreign key tests. 6c2b06c
Batiste Bieler Try to make the pk name more dynamic. 9f10fbc
Batiste Bieler Add few failing tests. 522d6d2
Batiste Bieler Fix object id bug. 6327537
Batiste Bieler Random id generation for django AutoField. 4e08ac1
Alberto Paro Added setuptools capability dda8b3d
Alberto Paro Fixed c52f60c
Alberto Paro Fixed tests 705de24
Alberto Paro Added __(i)startswith, __(i)endswith, __iexact, -- b917cf8
Alberto Paro Updated doc 6f3a597
Alberto Paro Added __(i)regex 0be9ad6
Alberto Paro Updated docs 1b82df5
Batiste Bieler Try out the session application. 60f62aa
Batiste Bieler Test that higlight the multiple session issue. 01afa53
Batiste Bieler Session backend that use objectid. bcd629f
Batiste Bieler Make sessions tests pass e60336a
Alberto Paro Added ListField efa0e80
Alberto Paro Added ListField (added missing file) 1018b3d
Alberto Paro Added SortedListField 9eacaad
Alberto Paro Added DictField 38e73cd
Commits on Apr 21, 2010
Alberto Paro Added ListSetField f10583c
Alberto Paro Saving Embedded Models, Django models in mongodb. Added database mixi…
…n support.
Batiste Bieler Only save _id on the mongodb side. ccc358d
Batiste Bieler Get the admin to work, isn't that sweet? 9139608
Alberto Paro Moved in a subdir to compatibility with south 43b93ae
Batiste Bieler Merge eb1dc84
Batiste Bieler Specific session store backend is not needed. c224c44
Batiste Bieler Cleanup code. d5a18ba
Alberto Paro Added south compatibility 855c07f
Batiste Bieler Add a draft for a gridfs file storage. 4c3e1ac
Batiste Bieler Implement a backend storage for gridfs. dade792
Alberto Paro Initial improvement of query engine 2180a5b
Alberto Paro Fixed updating with id ad11a80
@FlaPer87 FlaPer87 First steps for mongo like syncdb c419d90
Commits on Apr 22, 2010
Alberto Paro Fixed id -> mongodb _id management c9b5f58
Alberto Paro Fixed embedded objects bb4cfb6
@FlaPer87 FlaPer87 Working syncdb. Meta attrs need to be fixed. No capped for now c36fa51
@FlaPer87 FlaPer87 Merge branch 'master' of git:// 0730417
Batiste Bieler Extensive testing of the gridfs storage backend. ea45a21
Batiste Bieler Update documentation. af9e60d
Batiste Bieler Merge, all test are broken. 49df8f0
Batiste Bieler Fix few things. 5ff849d
Batiste Bieler Put the storage back. 171a752
@FlaPer87 FlaPer87 Added single indexes handler ffc9c17
Alberto Paro Fixed id management and resolving missing models in contenttype resol…
Batiste Bieler Merge 3f8ac5a
Batiste Bieler Fix some tests. 971ae15
Commits on Apr 23, 2010
Batiste Bieler Fix most of the tests. bd933c7
Batiste Bieler Code cleanup. aec87f2
Batiste Bieler Make the django.contrib.sesssion almost works, there is just delete t…
…hat is not working.
Batiste Bieler Re activate some tests. ea2e35b
Batiste Bieler Get django.contrib.sessions to work edc054c
Commits on Apr 28, 2010
Batiste Bieler Merge 585e94b