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IXD104/DES107: Imaging and Data Visualisation

We’ve been led to believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. This module puts that truism to the test. Exploring non-verbal communication, we introduce students to illustrative and diagrammatic approaches to communication. Showcasing the power of the image in communication the module equips students with the ability to not only create images, but also brief others’ on how to create images, and communicate data through image.

The module explores both paper- and screen-based approaches to image creation and introduces students to the differences between vector and raster images, in addition to various file formats and their appropriate uses.

By asking students to deliver their coursework using digital channels, for example tumblr blogs, students are also introduced to digital distribution methods and exposed to the various channels they might consider to develop and build their web-based profiles.

Dr. Kyle Boyd


  • Week 01: Introduction; Brief; Master Apprentice…
  • Week 02: Getting Iconic
  • Week 03: Hand to Mouse
  • Week 04: Illustrating Interfaces
  • Week 05: Tying it All Together; Travel App
  • Week 06: Reading Week
  • Week 07: Group Critique
  • Week 08: Visualising Data: Introducing Infographics
  • Week 09: Designing Infographics
  • Week 10: A Cornucopia of Charts
  • Week 11: The Art of Information
  • Week 12: Group Critique

Fridays, 10.00-11.00
Conor Lecture Theatre

Detailed View

Week 01: Introduction; Brief; Master Apprentice…

02 February, 2018

This week we introduced the module, outlining the journey we'll be taking over the course of the semester. We'll be exploring the use of the imagery in design, focusing on the following: illustration and data visualisation.

We also introduced the idea of a Master-Apprentice model of learning, learning by copying the work of others.

Project 01

Your first project is to create a travel app using illustration. It must have three screens - Home, Pick a City and a detail of the city. You will complete this by doing a series of Master-Apprentice Excercises. The first one is below.

Master Apprentice 01

Remake five of these icons - using sketch or illustrator. You can make these icons and these icons.

Extra credit for doing all the icons!



As outlined in Week 01, the assessment for this module consists of two, related components:

  • Deliverable 1: (60%)
    • Illustrative
    • Diagrammatic
  • Deliverable 2: Tumblr (40%)

Details will provided on the assessable components during the lectures and outlined on this page. (See above, week by week.)

A more detailed breakdown of the assessment, with deliverables, is available here.